Welcome to the GTM Club!

GTM Club is here to create a place where Go-To-Market Leaders and Doers unite to help each other accelerate sales, scale effectively, and conquer their respective markets.

That is our vision. We are just getting started!

GTM Club themed rocket launching to space.
GTM Club is shooting for the moon.

Currently, Ilkka, the GTM Club's founder and self-appointed club president, does most, if not all, of the work related to our vision. More about him a bit later.

Go-to-market is a vast topic, and to get started, we have selected our niche based on Ilkka's background. GTM Club's initial focus is sales-led GTM. Our content and upcoming resources are specifically tailored for those keen on deepening their understanding of go-to-market trends, strategies to drive sales growth, and practical applications for generating sales pipeline.

GTM Club provides strategies and tactics to accelerate your sales-led go-to-market.

We look forward to the day GTM Club broadens its horizons to include diverse voices and perspectives, especially from areas outside the founder's immediate expertise. Viewpoints such as marketing, HR, and product development are very welcomed. The input of these varied viewpoints will undoubtedly deepen our collective insights and enhance the application of GTM approaches.

Who Should Join?

GTM Club welcomes everyone, from seasoned professionals to newcomers in the GTM field. If your role involves bringing products or services to market, or if you're passionate about mastering sales-led growth, this is the place for you.

Regardless of your role and title, our doors are open to you.

Why Join GTM Club?

  • Monthly Newsletter: Expect a regular digest of sales-led GTM insights. While monthly newsletters are the plan, don't be surprised to find the occasional extra landing in your inbox. Weekend releases are targeted to ensure you can digest the content at leisure. (More about GMT Club Newsletter)
  • Exclusive Member Content: These resources are crafted to accelerate GTM efforts and provide concrete benefits. GTM Explorer was the first; templates and additional resources are already in the pipeline.
  • Voice Your Opinion: Members can engage, debate, and contribute to shaping the sales-led GTM narrative. Your comments and perspectives enrich our community and help others accelerate their sales.
  • Access the Newsletter Archive: GTM Clubs Newsletters #0-3 are for all to read. The following editions will be members-only content. The archive is available for all the members to read.
  • Weekly Blogs: With dozens of topics queued up, the pipeline for blogs and articles is flowing. We are excited to share these pieces and engage with your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

Meet GTM Club's Founder

Ilkka, the founder of GTM Club, has charted a noteworthy trajectory through sales, advancing from hands-on roles to leadership positions within the SaaS industry and further into spearheading sales and marketing for tech firms. At the helm of LINK Mobility's sales and marketing in Finland and the Baltics, Ilkka's career displays his commitment and expertise in sales. For his non-GTM-related thoughts, visit Ilkka's personal blog and feel free to connect on Linkedin.

Ilkka - Founder and president of GTM Club
Meet Ilkka, the founder and president of GTM Club.

As President of GTM Club, Ilkka seeks to share his sales knowledge to enhance sales skills across the board. His journey has fueled his desire to help and support the broader sales community. GTM Club is the conduit for sharing his experiences to accelerate Go-To-Market strategies and empower professionals to achieve their goals.

While we head to the future, Ilkka will focus on sharing knowledge on sales-led GTM strategies and tactics, using his experience to nurture our discussions and the growth of our community.

Here's to success!
Ilkka Vertanen
GTM Club President and Founder

Contact GTM Club

The best way to get in touch with the GTM Club is to:

  • Contact Ilkka on Linkedin - feel free to connect!
  • Send an email to president(at)gtm.club
  • Additionally, search your favourite social media for the handle "joinGTMclub"; we just might be there 😉

GTM Club welcomes all suggestions for partnerships, collaborations, guest bloggers, etc. We would be excited to have additional voices and experts contribute to the community. We are also open to any feedback you might want to send our way.

An excellent way to get to know us is to check these blog posts first.

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