How to Recognise and Win Deals That Accelerate Your Go-To-Market

Not all deals are created equal in a go-to-market motion. Some bring revenue, and others create a ripple effect of opportunities. Learning to recognise and secure deals that can turn the tides in your market entry.

How to Recognise and Win Deals That Accelerate Your Go-To-Market

In a go-to-market, impacting your target market goes beyond just numbers. It's about precision, strategy, and recognising the broader impact of landing the right opportunities that create a positive ripple effect.

Why Landing Certain Deals is Crucial

Embarking on your GTM journey, the field is vast. The trick is in knowing who to engage with. While every customer win is a victory, certain deals are pivotal for the revenue they generate and the doors they open.

Your GTM sales blueprint should aim beyond mere revenue targets. Securing some deals could offer strategic advantages—be it a prestigious logo in your client portfolio, valuable data on market trends, or a strong customer testimonial to boost your credibility.

Identifying Game-Changing Opportunities

Strategy starts with foresight. Hence, pinpointing these high-impact opportunities should be a core part of your GTM blueprint.

  • Trendsetters: Who are the trendsetters in your industry? For instance, who is the growth rocket heading for the industry pole position using the latest tech? Aligning with them could propel your brand into broader recognition.
  • Prioritising your Needs: Are you in the game for visibility, credibility, or tangible results? Your targets should align with your priorities. While closing a deal with the market's largest bank screams dominance, onboarding the top three challenger banks can exude innovation and adaptability.
  • Impressing correct stakeholders: By landing a certain customer, you can draw the right kind of attention. Especially if you are a startup looking for funding. Investors sure like to hear household names and industry leaders being a part of your portfolio.

Winning Over Strategic Accounts

When it's time to execute, the primary sales principles remain your guiding light. However, with higher stakes in these accounts, a slight shift in your strategy might be necessary.

  • Speed is Key: Could adjusting some deal terms hasten its closure? If time-to-market is crucial, flexibility might be your go-to move.
  • Sweetening the Deal: Consider offering something extra to that specific customer. Early access? Visibility to your roadmap? Discover what's valuable for them and be ready to provide it.
  • Above & Beyond Support: Conventional support might not cut it with high-profile accounts. They may need more to succeed so if you have a reference logo in mind, maybe you should include additional support as part of the deal.
  • Negotiation Tactics: Remember, with these accounts, your goal extends beyond revenue. It’s okay to be flexible on specific terms, like pricing, if it leads to a strategic win.

In the GTM journey, it's not solely about the volume of deals but the strategic importance of each. Landing deals strategically can amplify your market impact, from creating ripples to causing a substantial wave.