Newsletter #5: Winning With Sales Demos

If you can't do discovery, you can't do a proper sales demo!

Newsletter #5: Winning With Sales Demos

Today's newsletter discusses sales demos and the importance of discovery. But before the main topic, a bit of housekeeping. Feel free to jump ahead for the sales demo stuff.

Hello to all new and old subscribers!

It was great to see that we have more than doubled the number of subscribers between today's newsletter and the one sent in May! Some I know personally, but there are a lot of new faces among you. Thank you all for subscribing!

With all the new people on board, maybe a short intro is in place.

I, Ilkka, write this newsletter - Hello 👋! Through GTM Club, I seek to share my sales knowledge to enhance the sales skills of others. I have charted a trajectory through sales, advancing from individual contributor roles to leadership positions within the SaaS and broader tech industry. In addition to hands-on spearheading a CPaaS sales team, I advise B2B companies on increasing their sales.

The format GTM Club provides content is following:

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Let’s Discuss Sales Demos

In the previous newsletter (Newsletter #4, read it here), we discussed why free trials are often deficient in the sales-led GTM motion. Now, we go to the opposite end: Sales demos are critical to successfully selling SaaS products.

Let’s start with what is a sales demo:

A demonstration is a sales demo when you, in a sales role, are working to win a qualified sales opportunity. It involves showcasing the product and its functionality, features, and benefits to explain how it addresses the prospect's pain points.

The difference between sales and product demos lies in the audience and objective. A sales demo targets prospective customers, focusing on showcasing the product’s value to drive new sales. In contrast, a product demo is aimed at existing customers, spotlighting new features and updates to enhance their experience and promote continued usage. The difference sounds small on paper, but in actual customer interaction, the difference is like night and day.

Sales demos fit perfectly in the sales-led GTM, emphasising the sales team and the value they can create for potential customers. A great sales demo is built around each prospect's situation and pain so salespersons can craft narratives that speak directly to each listener.

To add value and tell a convincing story, sales must first make a good discovery. Without discovery, there is no pain to solve, and without the pain, there is no story to tell!

How do you then tell a good story? The boring answer is through repetition and practice, but let's try to highlight some points to speed up the learning.