GTM Explorer: The Cutting-Edge AI Assistant for Go-To-Market Strategies – Available for Testing

Discover GTM Explorer, the innovative AI chatbot designed to revolutionise go-to-market strategies. Tailored for businesses and professionals, GTM Explorer offers expert guidance on market segmentation, competitive analysis, niche strategies, and more.

GTM Explorer: The Cutting-Edge AI Assistant for Go-To-Market Strategies – Available for Testing
GTM Explorer inside ChatGPT. You can access it here.

In an era where dynamic market strategies are crucial to business success, we are excited to introduce GTM Explorer, the innovative AI-powered tool crafted to transform the approach to go-to-market strategies for businesses worldwide. GTM Explorer is built on ChatGPT’s new feature (in beta), enabling users to create their own “GPTs”.

What is GTM Explorer?

GTM Explorer, an AI-driven chatbot, is the newest addition to the arsenal of tools for marketing professionals, sales teams, and business developers. Built on the latest AI technology and enriched with GTM Club's content, GTM Explorer is a crucial ally for businesses seeking growth and competitive advantage.

GTM Explorer is tailored to aid diverse entities, from startups carving out their unique space to established firms pursuing new partnerships and market expansions. Its versatility makes it an ideal companion across various sectors, offering solutions for different challenges.

Core Strengths and Features

Key features of GTM Explorer include, for example:

Important Disclaimer

As GTM Explorer is a new tool, its knowledge base and capabilities continuously evolve alongside the growth of the GTM Club's content and user feedback. Users are reminded that the advice provided by GTM Explorer is to be followed at their own risk.

GTM Explorer in training mode - screenshot of ChatGPT's user interface
GTM Explorer in training mode.

Exclusive Testing Opportunity

GTM Explorer is now available for testing. Users with a ChatGPT Plus license can access this innovative tool inside ChatGPT through this link.

This unique opportunity allows users to experience firsthand the capabilities of GTM Explorer in shaping their go-to-market strategies.

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