GTM Club's Content Is Available on Flipboard!

GTM Club's content is available on Flipboard!

GTM Club's Content Is Available on Flipboard!
You can now follow GTM Club also on Flipboard.

For professionals exploring new avenues to widen their knowledge base, Flipboard is a noteworthy platform. It stands out for its intuitive, magazine-style interface, which offers a unique format for delving into a wide array of topics.

Flipboard isn’t just about passive consumption; it's a dynamic space where you can curate your personalised content stream, including latest from GTM Club.

GTM Club on Flipboard allows you to engage with curated content tailored to your interests in business, technology, and, of course, go-to-market strategies. By following GTM Club on Flipboard, you can ensure you don't miss our new insights.

GTM Club provides strategies and tactics to accelerate your sales-led go-to-market straight to your Flipboard feed. Follow us on Flipboard through here.

Getting Started with Flipboard:

  1. Download the Flipboard App: Available on iOS, Android, or access via your web browser.
  2. Create an Account: Sign up to personalise your experience.
  3. Search for GTM Club: Use the search function to find the GTM Club’s magazine. If needed, filter results to view "Magazines" only. (If you have Flipboard installed, use this link to go directly to the magazine.)
  4. Follow GTM Club: Once found, follow to get the latest updates of sales-led GTM directly in your Flipboard feed.
  5. Curate Your Magazine and Content: You can further personalise your experience by creating your magazine own magazine on Flipboard or searching for other sources and news sources to follow.